Why it Began

The Heart of Running the Rift MarathonKyaninga Child Development Centre

The KCDC Sports Day - A Day You're Going to LOVE!

Running the Rift Marathon exists because of one very special organisation, the Kyaninga Child Development Centre (KCDC). 

How you'll be Involved

The day after the 10k, half and full marathon is the KCDC Sports Day. In the 2016 event this proved to be even more special than we could have hoped and left every runner grinning from ear to ear. 

We had 70 of the children the KCDC work with and their families join us for a day jam packed with fun and laughter. We had a drum circle, games of football, touch rugby, netball. We had tyre racing, street food and dancing. We had an incredible brass band and most humbling, we had David Emong...

David Emong, Paralympian

David is a Paralympian who won a silver medal at Rio 2016 in the 1500m. He joined us for three days of the 2016 Running the Rift event (including coming second in the 10k!). At the KCDC Sports Day he gave a speech, empowering the families to remember that disability is not inability and their children can have bright futures ahead of them. He finished his speech by challenging every able bodied adult to a 100m sprint...you can imagine how much fun was had there!

We're hoping David will be back for Running the Rift 2017 and will keep you posted!

Get Involved Even More!

Running the Rift Marathon is 100% not for profit. Every penny of our proceeds goes to the Kyaninga Child Development Centre.

The KCDC is a superb organisation that supports hundreds of children with disabilities and their families and carers in Western Uganda - support that just doesn't exist otherwise.

If you would like to use this race as an opportunity to fundraise, thank you! The KCDC have a JustGiving profile and you can set up your own fundraising page with a target, or make a donation here: