Results 2016

Results 2016

Running the Rift Marathon 42k, 21k & 10k

5th November 2016  |  Fort Portal, Uganda

#RiftMaz Results 2016

Well done to all of our runners who ran the inaugural Running the Rift Marathon 42k, 21k and 10k!

There were 174 finishers in total. Running the Rift was a truly international event with runners from across the globe running side-by-side with Ugandans and East Africans. Thank you to everyone who supported the event, and a special thank you must go to the amazing residents of the beautiful western Ugandan town of Fort Portal, for hosting us.

Click below for the 42k, 21k, and 10k results:

42k Results

21k Results

10k Results 

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See you in 2017!!