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Sponsor A Ugandan

Sponsor a Ugandan to Run!

Your £12 will make a BIG difference - THANK YOU

As you know, all our profits got to the Kyaninga Child Development Centre.  So when it comes to getting lots of amazing Ugandans involved, we need YOU! 

Last month we ran a Crowdfunding campaign and
118 Ugandans
were sponsored to join us for the #riftmaz!! 

The Crowdfunding is over but it's not too late to pledge £12 and sponsor a Ugandan to run :)
To learn more about the campaign see the video and read the description below:

Thank you!


Please sponsor a local Ugandan to join us on race day - to wear our vibrant orange t-shirt, to run (or walk) alongside our international runners, to shake hands when they cross the finish line together, to feel part of our community and be part of the biggest event to happen in their town every year. The cost of the race is too expensive for local villagers and we can only subsidise so much without eating into the KCDC funds. So we need YOU!

Your £12 pledge will buy a runner a technical race t-shirt and subsidise their race place so, with a little input from us, we can afford to offer them a place for an affordable £3. 

Being part of a race may not sound like a very big deal, but sport is hugely liberating! These t-shirts and the memories they evoke will be the jewel in many Ugandan homes! Please help us to make that a reality by sponsoring one or more local runners. 


Organising this marathon, and funding the astounding KCDC, is a fairly hefty task. Luckily for us the rewards are tenfold and payable in smiles! 

But then earlier this year something unexpected happened. Rift Founder Ellie needed a very unexpected and shockingly urgent liver transplant. And for her, waking up the other side of that experience, knowing many many people had worked relentlessly to make her better, and ultimately knowing she is alive only because somebody else is not, is humbling beyond words. Humans will go to extraordinary lengths to help each other. 

The #RiftMaz helps disabled children and their families - YES! - but now we want it to help as much of the Ugandan community as is possible. 

Thank you so much for your help, it means the world to us and we'll share photos of how much it means to the Ugandan community too - get ready for a lot of beaming faces!